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Begin Your Journey to
Full-Body Wellness

Pathway Fitness & Wellness works with you to navigate the ups and downs on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to make you successful – age well to live well!

Pathway Fitness & Wellness was created to walk alongside women on their journey to living healthier lives.

We’re dedicated to making life feel a little less heavy though fitness.
Learn more about how we personalize your journey to healthier life habits.

Our Programs

Personal Training

A weekly workout regimen paired with holistic health coaching. We come to you in person or virtually, or a combination of both! The perfect package to full-body wellness.

Health Coaching

Our Health Coaching program comes alongside you to piece together the puzzle that is healthy living – physical activity, sleep, food – together with the busy-ness of life

A Lifestyle turned into a passion to help others find ways to live healthier and more actively.

We’re dedicated to coming alongside you so you can enjoy a healthy, active life. Talk to us about how we can start your personal journey to healthier life habits.


Recently, when I had some upper back issues, I asked Bethany to help me. I have never used a personal trainer and had no idea what to expect. The exercises that she had me do did not seem hard at all, so I was surprised and pleased at the improvement I experienced in a short amount of time. It turned out to be a great experience.
Bethany came to my home to help to build my strength and enable me to get into good enough shape that I could lift a 55 pound bag of dog food into my shopping cart and in and out of my car easily. I didn't have big goals. I just wanted to make sure that I could continue to do everyday things as I got older. She listened to my desires and built a fitness program for me that addressed those desires. Using resistance bands and other flexibility and strength training exercises, I increased my strength and endurance.
Bethany is a terrific resource. She creates workouts geared to your goals. She can work with/or around injuries and displays a quiet confidence in one's abilities and goals. The best part is she is able to work virtually. I started out working with Bethany in person and having moved from the area I still workout twice a week. We're going on 3 years! Thank you, Bethany.
I met Bethany 5 years ago and starting to work with her was the best gift I could have ever given myself. I had been telling myself for years that I could tone up and be more fit and didn’t need anyone to help me. Yeah, didn’t happen. I needed someone to hold me accountable and to show me how to do it correctly. Size 8 to Size 2 – and feeling wonderful. Bethany asked me what my goals were and delivered. My goal was to be stronger and more fit. The weight loss was a happy side effect. I even have abs!

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